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We presume that you are only a norwegian taxpayer, not an american citizen, not a Politically Exposed Person (PEP), and do not have any special investment requirements, like ESG. If this is not the case please explain below. Is this correct?*
What is the purpose of the engagement? Several options can be selected.
Where does the money and/or securities come from? More options can be selected.
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Is the money your own? (Meaning, do you own the money/securities being transferred), will the funds be transferred from a norwegian bank account, and will you manage it yourself in the future?


* Mandatory Fields
* *Politically Exposed Person: (PEP)

By politically exposed person we mean an individual who has or has had a prominent public function.

By a prominent public function we mean:
1. head of state, head of government, minister or assistant minister,
2. member of the National Assembly,
3. a member of a higher court that makes decisions that can only be appealed in exceptional cases,
4. member of the board of the National Audit Office, court of audit or central bank,
5. ambassador, chargé d'affaires or military officer of higher rank,
6. member of an administrative, leading or controlling body in a state-owned enterprise.

Family member (of a person in a high-ranking political position):
By family member we mean a spouse, partner who under national legislation is equal to a spouse, child or child's spouse/partner, or parents.
Known co-workers (to a person in a high-ranking political position):
By known co-worker, we mean an individual who has or has had a close business relationship with someone in a high-ranking political position, by, for example, being the real holder of rights in an entity or a pool of assets jointly with such entity.

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