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Custody / Account agreement for company

The person entitled to sign in the company must sign with BankID. If signing with BankID is not possible, physical forms must be used.

This signing process includes the following:

- Custody / account agreement for company and customer control legal entity
- Real right holder and taxable residence
- Entitled to a signature and power of attorney
- Limitations on Benefits (LoB)

Does the company have tax domicile in Norway?
Is the company a financial institution, credit institution, investment firm, mutual fund company or other type of company that owns and / or manages assets for others?

 Passive / active company:

  The company is defined as active if one or more of the following is correct:

  -  In the previous financial year, at least 50% of the company's revenue before tax came from the sale of products and / or services

  -  the company is, or is owned by the state, municipality or county

  -  The company's or group's shares are traded on an established market

   If none of the above definitions apply to the company, it is to be considered passive.

  Active non-financial companies include, for example:

  -  non-financial corporations under start-up (the first two years of operation)

  -  Holding company where the business wholly or almost exclusively consists of owning all or part of, or offering  

  financing or services, to subsidiaries (other than financial corporations)

  -  non-profit associations that conduct business for non-profit purposes, or that are registered religious communities and that are exempt from tax

  -  Charities that meet the requirements for special tax exemptions

  -  Other actors who meet the requirements for tax liability.

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