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  • Information on annual statements and tax return 2022
    The tax return for 2022 is on its way, and here you will find answers to the most common questions. If you are wondering about something that you can't find an answer to here, we are of course always ready to help you. First of all: We automatically report your information to the Swedish Tax Agency - and you don't need to fill in anything yourself. * If you have an account with Saxo Bank see information below. It is recommended to check the figures that have been reported. Below we go through the various parts of what we report (note: it is not a given that you have all these annual statements). Potential annual tasks, explained Share savings account If you have a share savings account via Nordnet, you can find the annual statement for the share savings account by logging in to Nordnet. What the report shows: The report divides the various accounts you may have. Here you see the initial value of the account (how much you have deposited yourself in total), which also corresponds to the shielding basis, the amount you can withdraw tax-free (any return above this is taxable). Deposits and withdrawals show how much you have deposited or withdrawn this year. Unused coverage is what you can still withdraw without having to pay tax on it. Taxable gain/loss shows where applicable what you have to tax on or get a deduction for. You will also find information about costs for which you receive deductions and discounts that are taxable, as well as information about what was in each account at the end of the year. What is shielding? Shielding is something that is calculated annually, and is something that is added to your tax-free withdrawal. This is calculated using something called the shielding rate, which is a scheme to make it more tax-friendly to save in mutual funds. It says that I have withdrawals, but I have not withdrawn anything this year: If you have not withdrawn money from Krone, but are informed of a withdrawal, the reason is usually that we have withdrawn costs or that money has gone from equity funds to bond funds. I have taxable profit - what do I have to pay in tax: 37.52% tax is calculated on taxable profit. This is not deducted continuously, but is something you may have to pay in arrears, when the tax notice arrives. Custodian bank at Saxo Bank You have received the necessary information from us by e-mail. All securities, gains/losses and interest/dividends are automatically reported to the tax authorities. It is recommended to check the figures that have been reported. The bank deposit (cash) in Saxo Bank must be registered manually. In addition, the management costs can be deducted (only for private individuals in your own tax return. These figures can be found in the report sent from us) Please see how to do this in the following link: - recipe deduction of management costs - recipe for bank deposits abroad IPS If you have IPS with us, you will receive such an annual report by logging in to Nordnet What does the report show? The report shows how much you have deposited this year, and the balance you had at the start and end of the year. It also shows how much you have paid. The most important thing for the tax return is the deposit, and possibly the withdrawal. This is what is taxable. I have a deposit - how much deduction do I get?: You get a 22% deduction on what you have deposited. This is deducted automatically in the tax report. Company 1) With an account with Nordnet For those who have a business account with Nordnet, you can find the year's assignment by logging in to Nordnet. 2) With an account with Saxo bank We have sent the year's layout by e-mail. If you have any questions, please get in touch
  • Can I deduct the costs from my taxes?
    Yes, all costs directly connected to your investments are deductible. This means that you can deduct both the management fee and the portfolio fee from your taxes. The costs can be easily found by logging in and viewing the transaction overview for the current tax year. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. This is entered in the tax return under the topic Finance by clicking on the button: "see what you can add" and then; Administrative costs. For those who have a share savings account (ASK), this will automatically be included in the cost price and value, and thus included in the tax on later withdrawals.
  • How is Noon Invest AS different?
    In Noon Invest AS, we invest based on a philosophy that we should follow the index on the stock exchange in the vast majority of cases. We also have a rebalancing philosophy to secure your investments. Rebalancing is a strategy used by the Norwegian Oil Fund in their management of our common values.
  • Who are the owners of Noon Invest AS?
    Noon Invest AS was developed by Stavanger Asset Management, which was started by Even Krohn-Pettersen and Emmanuel Vallotto. They have extensive experience from investments in Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA. Noon Invest, with its associated management services, operates as an affiliated agent on behalf of Stavanger Asset Management AS. Stavanger Asset Management AS is fully responsible for Noon's operations.You can read more about Stavanger Asset Management AS here.
  • Does Noon Invest AS offer a share savings account?
    Yes (reserved risk class "Brave" - only share exposure legal in ASK)
  • Does Noon Invest AS offer financial advice?
    For Noon Premium customers (minimum subscription NOK 1,000,000) we offer unlimited investment advice in addition to unlimited currency hedging.
  • Is Noon Invest AS regulated by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority?
    Noon Invest AS is subject to supervision by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority via the parent company Stavanger Asset Management. You can find our license here.
  • Which bank does Noon Invest AS cooperate with?
    Through Nordnet we can also offer Aksjesparekonto for those who want it.
  • How many portfolios does Noon Invest AS have?
    Noon Invest AS operates with 5 risk classes.
  • Do you have to be resident in Norway to become a customer of Noon Invest AS?
    At Noon Invest AS, everyone is welcome to invest. That is the advantage of digital savings, you can save wherever you are.
  • How old do you have to be to become a customer at Noon Invest AS?
    You must be at least 18 years old or have authorization from your guardians to invest with Noon Invest AS.
  • Does Noon Invest take a return commission from the fund providers?
    Noon Invest does not receive return commissions from the fund providers as our own income, nor do we profit from the transactions we make. We have a fixed commission from the customer, and are concerned that the customer makes money - regardless of which funds could give us the most return. If we receive a return commission from a fund supplier, this goes back to the customer.
  • How do I open an account in Noon Invest AS?
    You open an account in Noon Invest AS by using our website, you will then be directed to our cooperating bank Nordnet Bank where you have to remember to have your BankID ready if you are going to use this service.
  • How do I open an account in Noon Invest AS without a BankId?
    If you do not have a BankID, you are still welcome to open an account with Noon Invest. Contact one of us and we will help you with the process.
  • How do I open a share savings account in Noon Invest AS?
    Contact us here, and everything can be arranged easily with BankID.
  • I am already a Saxo Bank customer, can I still open an account with Noon Invest AS?
    Saxo Bank only approves one account holder in their systems. If you want to open an account with Noon Invest AS, we can help you close the account in Saxo Bank. Please contact one of us and we will be happy to help you.
  • What is the minimum amount to invest in Noon Invest AS?
    At Noon Invest AS, you must invest at least NOK 10,000.
  • How do I set up a savings scheme?
    For those who have an account with Nordnet: A savings scheme is set up very easily by creating a fixed payment in your online bank. You enter a fixed amount and a fixed date with, for example, monthly withdrawals. You use the same bank account in Nordnet as the one you used for your last deposit, as well as your unique KID number (which identifies your specific account. If you have several accounts with Nordnet, you have a KID number for each account.) You can find your account number and KID if you log in to Nordnet. Look under "Transfers", and click on "Bank transfers". Here you see the account number and KID number that you must use to set up a savings scheme to your account. For those who have an account with Saxo Bank: Here you can set up a fixed payment to Denmark. This depends on your bank. Please get in touch so that together we can find a smart and cost-effective solution. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us by email or telephone. Contact us
  • Why should I have a savings scheme?
    We recommend everyone who can to save monthly in funds. This is an effective way to increase the value of your savings over time. With a savings scheme, you buy more shares for the same amount when the markets fall. You simply buy at lower prices, and you are sure that you did not buy everything at a peak. Rather, you get an average exchange rate on the savings. In addition, the faster you get started, the faster you get help from the compound interest rate effect. It's about time in the market, not timing the market.
  • Can I open an account with Noon Invest AS even if I am not a Norwegian citizen?
    If you are a foreign citizen and have permanent residence in Norway (with a Norwegian social security number) you can use our normal investment platform. If not, this must be investigated individually, please contact Noon Invest on +47 406 95 100.
  • I am a US citizen or a US tax resident, can I still invest in Noon Invest?"
    Unfortunately, our service is not available to US citizens.
  • I am not a citizen of the EU/EEA, can I then use Noon Invest's solution?"
    This must be investigated individually and depends on your country of citizenship, please contact Noon Invest on +47 406 95 100.
  • Why do your customers need a risk profile?
    To find the right risk tolerance and ability, so that our customers can sleep well at night. This is also a legal requirement.
  • How do you calculate the customers' risk profile?
    We have created an algorithm that evaluates the sum of the answers you give us regarding risk tolerance and investment objective.
  • How do you process my personal information?
    We process your personal data in accordance with Norwegian legislation. You can read more about this in the Business Terms our.
  • Can I become a customer of Noon Invest AS again even if I have closed my account with you?
    You are welcome back to Noon Invest AS. You must then go through the same onboarding procedure again even if you have done it previously.
  • Can I change the investment plan that has been recommended to me?
    Yes, you can change your investment plan. Should the plans or assumptions change, just get in touch.
  • Can I change my investment period from the one I have previously specified?
    The investment period is not limited, and you can change it at any time by contacting us here .
  • Can I create more than one account?
    Yes, you can create more than one account. Contact us here for more info.
  • How safe is my money?
    Noon Invest AS is a subsidiary of Stavanger Asset Management AS, which is subject to a license from The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Our partners are also subject to supervision in Norway, Sweden and Denmark respectively. In addition, we use so-called UCITS regulated funds, where the customers through their shares own underlying securities.
  • Are index funds safe? How safe is it?
    The index funds we use are as safe as other ordinary funds in Norway. In such funds, the unit owners own the underlying securities.
  • Can I close my account in Noon Invest AS at any time?
    Yes, you can contact us here to close your account.
  • How long will it take before I get my money back?
    The securities can normally be traded on the same day, with settlement a few days later. You can therefore expect to receive the money about a week from the date of sale.
  • Why does Noon Invest AS recommend investing in index funds?
    Index funds have statistically better returns and far lower costs than "ordinary" actively managed funds. In line with the Consumer Council's advice, we also believe that using index funds is a smart way to invest.
  • Are index funds safe? How safe is it?
    The index funds we use are as safe as other ordinary funds in Norway. In such funds, the unit owners own the underlying securities.
  • Why haven't more people heard of index funds before?
    Index funds are not entirely new, but few players have anything to gain from offering this product (unlike existing products with higher costs). Few banks therefore include this product in their advice. Harsh criticism from the Consumer Council can hopefully change this.
  • Why save in index funds instead of placing my money in a regular savings account with the bank?
    Index funds ensure that your funds grow faster than with normal bank deposits. Especially in a time of historically low interest rates, it is smart to place the money in a place with a good return.
  • What does it cost to invest with Noon Invest AS?
    We charge an annual management fee of 0.95%. In addition, there are underlying costs in the index funds of approximately 0.27%. Transaction costs start at 0.035%.
  • What are the prerequisites for the calculations?
    Historical return, adjusted downward to reflect lower interest rates and downwardly adjusted return requirements.
  • How do I pay the fees in Noon Invest AS?
    Fees are deducted continuously, and the dilution fee is deducted quarterly accordingly.
  • How much do I have to tax when investing in index funds?
    You are taxed on any dividends you take from your investment. This depends on a number of factors that are beyond Noon Invest's control. See more information on Skatteetaten's website.
  • Disputes and complaints
    If you are not happy with us or our services, we would like to hear from you so that we can improve. Contact us below to send a complaint to us. The processing of your complaint will begin as soon as possible, normally within 3 days. You will receive a written confirmation that your complaint has been received, along with an estimated response time. The estimated response time is 14 days, depending on the scale of the complaint. In the case of an extended processing time, you will be informed of the reason behind the delay and given a new estimated response time. We will gather all relevant information to provide a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your complaint. If we are not able to accompany your complaint, you will receive a written explanation along with information about the possibility to complain to an appeal board. We take all feedback seriously and will use it to improve our services.
  • What is the difference between a "broker" and a "manager"?"
    A broker earns from buying and selling, a manager earns (normally) from management fees.
  • I'm wondering about something else, who do I contact then?"
    If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact one of us at Noon Invest AS. Find our contact details here.



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