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Information on the processing of personal data and changes in insurance terms.

During May / June 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be implemented in a new Personal Data Act.


Processing of personal data (GDPR)

Stavanger Asset Management AS is responsible for the processing of all registered personal data. Below you will find an overview of your rights and a description

about how Stavanger Asset Management processes your personal information.

Collection of personal information

When establishing a customer relationship, personal information is registered and collected.

In addition, personal information is registered when performing an assignment in connection with the customer relationship or the agreement.


Stavanger Asset Management AS processes personal information that is necessary for the following purposes:

  • Preparation, administration and implementation of agreements with you as a customer

  • To fulfill obligations as a result of law, regulations or other government orders


Personal data may, for the stated purposes, and within the framework of current regulations and the strict rules for confidentiality that apply to financial measures, be disclosed and processed by other companies / financial institutions within the EU / EEA with which Stavanger Asset Management AS has a collaboration (Hypobank Swiss, DNB, Saxobank and Nordnet)


Your rights

You have the right to know which personal data is processed by Stavanger Asset Management AS, and are therefore entitled to:

  1. To get an overview of the information being processed

  2. Requesting incorrect or incomplete information is corrected

  3. To request that personal data be deleted or that the use of personal data be restricted

  4. To protest if you believe personal information is being processed contrary to the purpose

  5. To demand that personal information processed by Stavanger Asset Management AS be handed over to you or that these be handed over directly to another data controller. Disclosure presupposes that the personal data is processed on the basis of an agreement or consent, and that disclosure is technically possible (data portability)

Your requests or requirements regarding points 2 and 5 will be assessed by Stavanger Asset Management AS in each individual case. If you want information or have questions about what is mentioned above, you can contact us .


For additional information on the processing of personal data, you can read more here:

Stavanger Asset Management AS processes account and personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the rules for confidentiality for financial institutions. In order to meet the requirements that follow from these rules and because we want to protect you as a customer against unjustified access, a number of different security measures have been implemented so that unauthorized persons will not have access to information about you as a customer. In addition, information about you and your customer engagement will only be processed by those of our employees who have a service need for access to the registered information.

Pursuant to section 18 of the Personal Data Act, you as a customer have the right to demand access to what information we as a company have stored about you.

On its own initiative, the company will regularly check that employees, data processors and others who perform tasks on behalf of the company are authorized to access the registered information. If you, as a customer, on the basis of the information provided, believe that there is reason to believe that persons without service needs have had access to your registered information, you can ask the company to conduct an internal investigation to confirm or deny the suspicion. Such a request must be in writing and substantiated.


The internal investigation will be carried out by the company's Compliance Officer, and any discrepancies will be reported to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

If you as a customer believe that there is a special need for only a limited number of employees to have access to access to your personal information, you can submit an application for the establishment of special access restrictions to your account and personal information. An internal group will then assess whether there is a basis for establishing access restrictions to your information. Please note that the criteria for establishing such restrictions are strict. A disadvantage of restricting access to account and personal information is that you will at times be able to experience reduced availability and longer response times when contacting us.

Account and personal information shall as a rule be deleted when it is no longer necessary to store this information. Stavanger Asset Management AS will nevertheless store such information in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the Accounting Act and the Money Laundering Act.


Questions can be directed here:

+47 406 95 100

Mark mail with the subject "GDPR"

General Data Protection Regulation: Welcome
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