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​  Terms and conditions for the offer «Refer a friend».

  1. In accordance with the terms and conditions set out below, the "Refer a Friend" offer will give a live Noon Invest account holders NOK 250 for each newly referred customer.

  2. The amount is paid into the management account of the referring customer after the recruited customer has had a live and funded management account for a minimum of 6 months.

  3. The recruited customer must have an average minimum balance of NOK 100,000 or more during the first 6 months.

  4. The "Refer a Friend" offer should not form the basis for any decisions made in relation to potential account activity.

  5. To qualify for the "Refer a Friend" offer, the following conditions apply:

    1. you must have a live and funded Noon Invest account:

    2. your friend must not have an existing account with Noon Invest:

    3. you must have an existing personal (not business) relationship with the person you want to refer, and they must be qualified to open an account with Noon Invest

    4. by providing your friend's contact information, you confirm that your friend agrees to receive such emails and / or text messages; and

    5. Your friend must apply for an account via the unique link in the email or text you receive. Applications that are not made via the link in the email will not be eligible for the offer; and

    6. your friend must make a deposit within the first 30 days after confirmation of opening a live account in order to be eligible for the referral prize

    7. your friend must keep his Noon Invest account open for at least six months, with a minimum of NOK 100,000

    8. You can only refer to each friend once. The referral premium is only available on the first account opened by each friend.

  6. The offer includes the transfer of existing IPSs to Noon Invest.

  7. Noon Invest reserves the right to refuse to open an account at its sole discretion and without having to state any reason for doing so.

  8. If the conditions in section 5 above are met, NOK 250 will be paid to the recruiter's management account the following date for deduction of management fees after the first full 2 quarters for a newly recruited customer.



  1. You will not be allowed to have a trading power of attorney or any other form of power of attorney to be able to trade on the enlisted friend's account (s).

  2. This offer must only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. The personal links must not be published or distributed publicly. Noon Invest reserves the right to refuse to pay the recruitment premium to you and your friends where they suspect (in their sole discretion) non-compliance with this condition.

  3. This recruitment award is subject to, and conditional on, your and your friend's compliance with these terms. In addition to all other rights and remedies available to Noon Invest, in the event of a breach or suspicion of breach of the terms in relation to an account, Noon Invest is entitled to consider such an account not eligible for the recruitment premium.

  4. This offer cannot be combined or used in conjunction with other offers, discounts or promotions offered by Noon Invest.

  5. Noon Invest's employees, partners and members of their households are not eligible to participate in this offer.

  6. Noon Invest reserves the right to change, withdraw or limit this offer at any time without notice.

  7. These terms (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are subject to Norwegian law.

Terms and conditions for the offer «Giveaway».

  1. In accordance with the terms set out below, the "Giveaway" offer will give an active Noon Invest account holder up to NOK 500 in reduced management fees.

  2. The amount is paid into the winner's management account on a quarterly basis as a refund of management fees up to NOK 500 or up to one calendar year after the date of the confirmed prize, whichever comes first.

  3. The "giveaway" offer must not form the basis for any decisions made in relation to possible investment activity or investment decision.

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