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How should we deal with market turmoil?

While the news picture seems to overflow with disturbing news such as war in Ukraine, drones in the North Sea, increased inflation, etc., the financial markets have reacted with price falls for a long time. The newspapers are also good at finding pessimistic interviewees in such times. In sum, this causes many people to become nervous about their savings, and wonder what they should do. Our job is to manage your savings according to the risk profile that suits you. Within this mandate, we will do our best to adapt the portfolio to the investment climate that we have at all times. We are nevertheless concerned that you should be as well informed as possible, and not least have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have. Remember that fund savings will involve fluctuations in value, but are expected to give a better return than a bank account over time. Attempts to time the market are something that rarely succeeds. We do a webinar where we go through the market and the portfolio as we see it, and not least what thoughts we have for the future and how one should relate to savings and investment.

Obs; Webinar is in Norwegian.


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