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Why women are better investors

Lene Drange from Luksusfellen says that women get better returns in both bad and good markets, compared to men. Women get more into it before they start investing.


Although women are among the minority when it comes to investments, figures show that women are generally better investors than men. Fidelity conducted a survey in 2017 of more than 8 million investment accounts, where they found that women outperformed men by around 0.4% p.a. Warwick Business School conducted another survey that shows an even larger gap between female and male investors. The survey shows that women beat men with an average of 1.8% over a three-year period.

Why are women better investors?

There is probably no definitive answer as to why women on average achieve better returns than men. Economist Lene Drange explains that women often show traits such as caution, which in turn can be reflected in the difference between men and women. The world-renowned investor, Warren Buffet, constantly looks at the importance of a long-term perspective when it comes to investing. He also points out that one should not sell as soon as unrest arises, but rather sit and wait until conditions improve. Warvick Business School found findings showing that women only trade their investments 9 times p.a., compared to men who trade 13 times p.a. The leader of this study, Neil Stewart, believes the study shows that women tend to invest in long-term goals as opposed to investing only for excitement. Stewart believes this is why women achieve better results.


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-Written by Veronica Nesvik, Customer Manager at Noon Invest


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