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An Expats guide to smart saving and investment in Norway

Thursday September 3rd at 11:00 AM

With zero interest rates and a global pandemic, what is the best way to manage your money in the current climate?

Deloitte and Stavanger Asset Management invite you to a live webinar to give you an introduction of Norwegian wealth tax, health care and social security system. We will also be holding a market comment followed by an introduction of investing in Norway - from an expat point of view.


11:00 Introduction

11:05 Wealth tax: Valuations of domestic and foreign assets for tax purposes by Deloitte

11:15 An introduction to the Norwegian health care and social security system by Deloitte

11:25 Q&A

11:35 Market comment by Noon Invest

11:45 Introduction to investments in Norway by Noon Invest

11:55 Q&A

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